Design Process


This can be done either over the phone, by email below or in person. We will discuss your brief for the project, the look and fell you want, site size, location, any potential challenges, council requirements, time frames you require, and your budget for the project.  Once you are happy with us to be your designer, we will prepare a fee submission and email it to you. This fee submission will include whats included, whats not included, stages of design & documentation. Once the fee submission is met with your approval, you will need to sign it, return a signed copy to us, pay the deposit, and then the design process can begin.


Site Investigation – Site photos, Organise a contour survey, Solar Access, Views & Vehicle access. Schematic Design – Based on your brief we will create Floor plan(s), Elevations and a section will be sketched up for your review. We will discus room sizes, layouts, window sizes and locations, door sizes and locations. We will email plans to you. Once you are happy with the schematic design, you will need to sign it off, and then we will move onto the Preliminary Plans in CAD.


Preliminary Design – The signed off Schematic design will be drawn up in CAD, Sun mapping will be created to show extent of shadows created by the building, and where and when the sun is entering the building. Best if winter sun is entering. Changes to the design can still be made during this stage. Once you are happy with the Preliminary Design you will need to sign it off.

4. DA PLANS (optional) / FOOD SERVICE COMPLIANCE PLANS (for Hospitality Fitouts)

DA plans will be documented for council if required. If not required we will go to Stage 5.

For Hospitality Fit-out projects, This Stage IS required. Food Service Compliance Plans will be documented for council approval, with feedback incorporated into the plans.  Plans will consist of Site Plan, Floor Plan(s), Elevations, Section, Fittings & Equipment Schedule, RCP, Hydraulic Plan & Mechanical Exhaust Ventilation Plan.

For Hospitality fit-outs projects you may require the additional following permits – Development Assessment (DA), Building Approval (BA), Plumbing Approval, Trade Waste (Grease Traps) Approval, Advertising Signs Approvals, Footpath Dining Permit, Goods on Footpath Permit.


BA plans will be documented for council and your builder to quote on. These plans will be fully dimensioned with notations added. Plans will be sent for Engineering and Energy Assessments, with feedback incorporated into the plans.  BA set of plans will include Site plan showing As-cons, Floor plans, Roof Plan, Elevations, Sections, Details (excluding Window & Door Schedule, and Electrical & Lighting layouts) Once you are happy with the BA set of plans you will need to sign off the plans so we can submit them to the certifier.

6. EXTRAS (optional)

Additional Details, Interior Design, Door & Window Schedule, Electrical and Lighting Layouts.